BioWall LLP are a UK based designer, supplier & installer of 'Living Walls'.  We are located at our nursery in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, U.K (the world's first Garden City).


Our Design & Installation Service provides bespoke solutions for internal and external Living Walls with range of options for irrigation, drainage, lighting and ongoing maintenance. 


For exhibitions, shows & events or situations where a customer wants the flexibility to move their display around we can produce moveable Living Walls with self contained water supply and irrigation.


For the DIY market, we supply a range of Living Wall products via our Online Shop. Here you can find DIY Living Wall Kits, Living Wall Plants, Irrigation & Accessories.

All BioWall Living Walls are modular self-watering systems which are robust and offer flexibility in terms of their application.  They can be used internally and externally, in many different situations and configurations, they are quick to install and easy to maintain.  


Long term plant care, ease of maintenance and sustainability are an integral part of BioWall's design ethos. This results in Living Walls that offer customers the following benefits: 

  • The self-watering design assists plant care, provides efficient irrigation and reduces waste. It also allows for a variety of irrigation options depending on site specifics (proximity to water, drains etc).

  • The modular and interconnecting nature of the system results in a robust, rigid structure. 

  • Ongoing maintenance is straightforward.  Plants in our Living Walls can be removed or changed quickly and easily with minimal hassle or mess. 

  • BioWall planters are sustainable.  They are made from 100% recycled materials and  can be removed and reused.  

  • I'ts economical.  Our Living Walls can be removed easily with little in the way of reinstatement to the host wall​.  They can then be used again in a new location.


The BioWall Team have over 30 years experience in horticulture and construction and have a team of experienced plant experts, designers and installers ready to help you 'Go Green'.

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