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10 Reasons to build a Plant Wall at Home

Updated: Jan 20

  1. Plants make us feel less stressed and more upbeat. It's a fact.

  2. No floorspace? problem, use wall space.

  3. Planting, rotating & replacing your plants is easy with a modular Living Wall Kit.

  4. Self-watering planters provide simple and hassle water management.

  5. Maintenance requires no digging, no bending, no weeding and virtually no tools.

  6. Living Walls improve air quality & reduce CO2.

  7. Modular self-watering Living Wall planters use water efficiently, reducing waste.

  8. Living Walls increase biodiversity.

  9. Your plants/flowers/crops are kept out of harms reach from slugs & other ground pests

  10. It's fun!

Start planning your Living Wall today. For more information contact BioWall by clicking here or visit

'Go Green' with BioWall.

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