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How to Build a Living Wall at Home

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Building a Living Wall at home is easier than you think and big things are possible with even the smallest of outside spaces. Our 24-planter kit for example will hold 48 plants but will occupy just 1 sqm of wall space. Perfect for balconies, courtyards and low maintenance gardens.

Simply stack our colourful self-watering planters together and fix them to any wall or fence to create your own Living Wall or Vertical Veggie Patch.  Plant with one of our evergreen, flowering or edible planting themes. Water from the top and let gravity do the rest or add an irrigation kit to automate your system.  

We have a range of DIY Living Wall Kits, Living Wall Plants and Living Wall Irrigation products available from our Online Shop at to help you get started.

Our DIY Kits are available in 4 vibrant colours (or a mix of colours) and come in three sizes:

6 Planter Pack (0.25 M2). Holds 12 plants.

12 Planter Pack (0.50 M2) Holds 24 plants.

24 Planter Pack (1.00 M2) Holds 48 plants.

If you have a wall in mind BioWall can help you ‘Go Green’.

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