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DIY Vertical Farm....use Edible Plants on your Living Wall

Updated: Mar 24

You can eat what you grow from your Living Wall if you use a DIY Living Wall Kit and plant with our 'Edible Mix'.

A living wall is a great place to grow a herb garden close to your kitchen. Plants can be organised easily and will be close at hand when you need them.

Many plants used to flavour cooking respond well to regular picking of leaves. The same is true for 'baby leaf' varieties such as lettuce and beetroot. This is a lot easier to do if your herbs are within easy reach and does not require you to bend down all the time. It also has the benefit of keeping your crops well out of reach of the nocturnal slugfest.

Strawberries are very at home growing on a wall. Commercial strawberry crops will be grown in a similar fashion.

One thing to keep in mind with edible plants. Many have a short growing season so either plan to fill up gaps in your Living Wall after harvest with one of our Flowering Mixes or plant your herbs and veg in amongst our Evergreen Mix to ensure your wall looks fantastic12 months of the year. Enjoy!

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