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Can I grow Herbs, Veggies and Fruit in a Living Wall?

Updated: Jan 19

Yes you can. If you are planning a Vertical Veggie Patch then check out or self watering DIY Living Wall Kits.

Many of the foods that we can grow at home are ‘Annuals’.  This means they are grown from seed and then mature and can be eaten the same year (usually only weeks after planting!). 

Growing vertically rather than in the ground has many benefits. A BioWall doesn't use 'garden space' (everything is neatly organised on a wall) so theres no need to sacrifice lawns or garden beds; a BioWall is low maintenance & kinder on your back (less bending etc); organising and swapping plants is easy; your crops will be less prone to attack from ground pests; and watering is simple and easily automated.

You can buy seed, sow it and then pot on the small plants into the Living Wall or buy pre-grown plants in pots and transfer them to your Living Wall.

Why not try lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers or other leafy plants such as rocket, spinach and baby leaf beetroot. 

What about herbs?.... many such as Lavender, Rosemary, and Thyme are 'Perennial' which means they last from year to year.  If you keep trimming them they will continue to produce fresh growth for you to harvest.  Other such as oregano and Chives are annuals.  Remember you need to keep picking from these plants to stop them flowering.

There are many other edible plants available to add to your vertical veggie patch. Strawberries are good as the fruit can hang down for you to pick.  Forget root vegetables eg. potatoes, there is no where for them to grow and hardy fruit bushes such as rapsberries and currants are a non starter.  

Because different types of edible Annuals are only available at certain times of year, we can help you plan your growing regime all year round.

Check out our Online Shop at where you can buy our DIY Living Wall kits together with a selection of Living Wall plants including our 'Edible Mix'.

'Go Green' with BioWall.

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