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DIY Living Wall Kit

Updated: Jan 20

OK, so you want a Living Wall on your balcony or a Vertical Veggie Patch on the wall outside your kitchen. How do you get started?

BioWall have a range of DIY Living Wall Kits available from our Online Shop at .

Simply stack these self-watering planters together and fix to any wall, fence or structure to create your own Living Wall or Vertical Veggie Patch.  Plant with evergreens, flowers or edibles. Water from the top and let gravity do the rest or add an irrigation kit to automate your system.  

Our DIY kits are available in 4 vibrant colours and will brighten up any wall whether you grow from seed or transfer plants from pots. We also have a range of Living Wall plants, irrigation products & accessories to complete your project.

Check out our other blogs for tips and ideas.

Go Green’ with BioWall.

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