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Living Walls - A Live Television of Nature

Updated: Jan 19

When designing the planting scheme there are various elements that have to be taken into consideration.  Location, aspect and the customers specific demands are some. 

The team at BioWall aim to give our Living Walls an extra element.... all year round interest.  We take the mind set that everyday the BioWall will be seen for the first time.  Therefore it is important that the wall has interest and colour twelve months of the year.  This also benefits the people that see the wall every day of the week.  They will be taken on a journey through the year, new foliage growth, bud burst, full bloom, scent, and autumn colour. 

With thoughtful choice of plant varieties we are able to produce a cycle of colour and change that provides this extra element of inspiration to our installations.  Your Living Wall then becomes an ever changing picture...a fascinating, living, live television  of nature.

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'Go Green' with BioWall.

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