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DIY Living Wall Systems: Planters or Felt Pockets?

Updated: Jan 19

At BioWall we use Living Wall Systems which incorporate self watering rigid plastic planters in preference to felt pockets as we believe they offer various benefits.

The fact is that regardless of how good the maintenance regime, the irrigation system and design of a living wall....some plants will die from time to time. With our self-watering planters, changing over plants is a simple and straightforward process. The roots of the plants are mostly contained in their own pot with rootlets reaching out into the planters for water and nutrients. Irrigation is easy too. The self watering design takes the hassle out of watering. Each planter has its own water reservoir designed in a way that keeps each plant watered but not waterlogged. Finally, the system is robust and will not rot or become a carpet of roots.

A simple planting process is especially important when a Living Wall is going to have seasonal displays and regular changes of plants, or with a Vertical Herb Garden where plants will have a reasonably short lifespan. We also find that with our self watering planters it is easy to keep the drainage channels clear and working efficiently.

Our Living Wall Planters are made of robust recycled plastic, they are self watering, stackable, come in a choice of colours and have a removable inner tray to keep planting and plant changes simple.

If you have a wall in mind BioWall can help you 'Go Green'

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