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Slug Problem Solved with BioWall

Updated: Jan 19

Growing vertically rather than in the ground has many benefits to the gardener:

  • A BioWall doesn't use 'garden space' (everything is neatly organised vertically...on a wall) so theres no need to sacrifice lawns or garden beds;

  • a BioWall is low maintenance and kinder on your back (less bending etc);

  • organising and swapping plants is easy, quick and relatively mess free;

  • crops are less prone to attack from ground pests (it keeps your strawberries out of reach!)

  • watering is simple, efficient (less waste) and easily automated.

We have a range of self watering DIY Living Wall Kits, Living Wall Plants & Accessories available from our Online Shop or Contact Us to find out about our Design & Install Service.

If you want an easy to manage, low maintenance garden bed think laterally, think vertically, think BioWall.

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