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Top Tips for Building a Living Wall at Home

Updated: Jan 19

  1. Plan your work, then work your Plan!

  2. Measure the size of your wall and then work out the number of Living Wall planters you require.

  3. How will you water your Living Wall? You can use a watering can, a hose or drip irrigation with a timer. A modular system with self-watering planters will make life easier.

  4. What about drainage? Excess water will need somewhere to drain. This may not be a problem for outside Living Walls...just let the water run on to the ground or place pot plants below your Living Wall to benefit from the free shower. Inside Living Walls will need more planning and proximity to electricity, drains or a water storage tank will be need to be considered.

  5. Choose a Living Wall System that makes planting, watering and maintenance easy for you. Self-watering Living Wall Kits stack together are easy to assemble and only require watering from the top. Planting and maintenance is easy and water is used efficiently, reducing waste.

  6. Buy the right plants. Shade or Sun? Inside or outside? Choose plants that suit the aspect and location of your Living Wall wall.

If you are planning to build a Living Wall at home we have Living Wall Kits and plants available from our Online Shop . We also have plenty of useful tips and advice on our Blog to help you get started. Have a question? us here and we will do our best to help you.

If you have a wall in mind BioWall can help you 'Go Green'.

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