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Which Flowers should I choose for a DIY Living Wall?

Updated: Mar 24

If you want your DIY Living Wall Kit to provide maximum bang for your buck during the summer months, then BioWall's ‘Flowering Mix’ could be for you. This selection aims to provide full colour from May to the end of October… and even beyond if the weather is kind.

Summer bedding plants such as Geraniums, Petunia, Calibrachoa, Lobelia and many more will provide a riot of colour for you through the summer months.  The plants will grow quickly, and we supply plants that will not only fill the wall but stretch beyond.  Some will reach for the skies and others trail will down to give even more cover. 

Check out our Online Shop at where you can buy DIY Living Wall Kits and a selection of plants suitable for Living Walls including our 'Flowering Mix'.

‘Go Green’ with BioWall.

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