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Which type of plants for a DIY Living Wall?

Updated: Mar 24

Often if you ask a customer what type of plants they want in their garden the answer is ‘Evergreens’ but rarely does this mean that they want every plant to be green. 

A few more questions in to the conversation and what most customers want is colour!...but colour in a garden is often a trade-off. The best flowering plants may be flat to the ground in winter; the colours you love in Autumn will be twigs for at least few months of the year, etc.

The 'Evergreen Mix' available from our Online Shop at is designed to give your Living Wall colour all year round.  This blends foliage, flower, form and very importantly- scent and texture.  Yes, some plants may well be dormant at Christmas, but they will bring you joy in May.  That plant giving the wonderful smell in January may be dark green for the rest of the year.. but is worth it. 

Plants and genus that we include in our 'Evergreen Mix' include:

Ferns, grasses, Heuchera, Lavender, Alchemilla, cotoneaster, Carex and Lamium.

We also have other planting themes including the 'Flowering Mix', 'Edible Mix', 'Winter Mix' and 'Houseplant Mix'. Click here to visit the online shop.

If you have a wall in mind BioWall can help you 'Go Green'.

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