DIY Living Wall 12 Pack (Holds 24 Plants)

DIY Living Wall 12 Pack (Holds 24 Plants)


DIY Self Watering Living Wall Kit. 12 planter pack which holds 24 plants.


Simply stack these planters together and fix to any wall, fence or backer board to create your own vertical garden or vertical veggie patch.  Plant with evergreen,  flowering or edible varieties.  Water from the top and let gravity do the rest or add one of our irrigation kits to automate your system. Available in 4 vibrant colours or order the 'mix' option for a mixed pack of all 4 colours.  These planters will brighten up any wall...even when empty!


Each planter holds two plants and has removeable liners to assist planting from pot or growing from seed.  Each planter contains  a water reservoir providing each plant with enough water for a number of days.  When the water reservoir is filled, excess water flows through the integral overflow pipe to the planter below.  This design ensures plants are not overwatered and means only the top row of planters need to be supplied with water (either by watering can, hose or irrigation system) to irrigate the entire wall.


Step by step installation instructions included.


    This purchase includes 12 Living Wall Planters and will hold a total of 24 plants.  Each planter measures 265mm x 155mm x 160mm.  This 12 planter kit will cover approx. 0.5m2. Plants are available separately.  Assembly instructions included.


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